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How to remove your Pickup Cam

The Pickup Cam is mounted with double-sided, permanent mounting tape that is resistant to brute force. The key to removing this adhesive is slow, light pressure.


1. Start by freeing an edge of the tape.

  • We recommend using dental floss or fishing line under the tape to do this. You may also use the provided trim tool, a plastic scraper, or a razor blade to separate a section of adhesive.
  • We've found this article from CNET to be helpful in explaining the process:

2. Slowly pull your Pickup Cam away from the freed edge.

  • It’s important to patiently and carefully pull back your Pickup Cam with constant light pressure.
  • If you try pulling too fast, the adhesive will resist, making it hard to pull off. Pulling too hard or fast could also cause the tape to tear, leaving more residue on your windshield.

3. Separate the camera from the adhesive completely.

If you are having difficulty pulling off your camera, we recommend separating the camera from the adhesive completely.

  • Wearing gloves may be useful to protect your fingers during this process.
  • Use 12-18” length of dental floss or fishing line to carefully saw back and forth between the camera and the window.
  • This sawing motion will cut through the foam in the tape and separate your camera from the rear window.

4. Remove residual adhesive

The second method will leave a ring of adhesive on your window. To remove residual adhesive on the windshield:

  1. Separate a small section of the adhesive with your trim tool, a plastic scraper, or a razor blade.
  2. Gently stretch the adhesive by pulling it backward with light pressure.
  3. This will make the tape elongate, causing it to lose its grip on the window, similar to a command strip.
  4. Continue this process gradually in sections, inching along the tape, repeating the pulling and lifting. 



Tip: do not apply too much pressure to the tape when removing it, as it could leave a lot of residue. You may also use any rubbing alcohol, WD-40, or Goo Gone in small amounts to remove any remaining residue. Apply it first to a cloth and gently rub the saturated cloth on the residue. If you prefer, our Canopy team will complete the residual adhesive removal during your scheduled uninstall. 

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