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What does the power button on the Hub do? What do the lights indicate?

The button on the Canopy Hub is considered a multi-function button (MFB) which can initiate different actions based on how long it is held. 

  • Holding the MFB for 3 seconds and then releasing will illuminate the first green LED,  while the light bar on the Camera will turn blue. This signals the system is pairing. 
  • Holding the button for 10 seconds and releasing is how to perform a reset. This is done when the system is unresponsive. 
  • To perform a factory reset (clearing all pairing, history, calibration) you would hold the MFB down for 60 seconds, until you see the third LED illuminate green. We recommend only performing this action when preparing your device to ship or when specifically instructed to do so by one of our technical consultants. 
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