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Canopy Subscription and Hardware Services Ending FAQ

Why and how is my Canopy subscription and device changing?

Canopy, the trusted security solution for pickup truck beds, has been acquired by Ford Motor Company. With its longstanding dedication to advancing vehicle safety and security, Ford aims to utilize Canopy’s resources and expertise to further enhance security solutions for pickup truck owners. Collaboratively, our focus has shifted towards developing the next iteration of the Pickup Cam.

  • Beginning July 1st, Canopy will transition from a commercial product back to a beta phase as we prepare to enhance and launch the next version of the Pickup Cam with Ford.
  • Beginning July 1st, we will begin the official offboarding process, which will be finalized on September 1st. After this date, your Canopy hardware and app will no longer be operational.
  • Beginning July 1st, you will no longer be billed for your Canopy subscription. We are taking proactive steps to offer a full refund for the hardware cost for all active subscribers. All refunds will be processed no later than September 1st.

What does it mean to be officially offboarded?

Your Canopy device will be unpaired from your vehicle; therefore, you will be unable to connect to the app which means your canopy device will become inoperable.


Can I use my Canopy Pickup Cam after I have been offboarded?

The Canopy product consists of hardware powered by the Canopy App. After offboarding, the Canopy product is no longer operational. If you leave the device installed, you may notice the LED lights will still illuminate on the device if there is activity in the truck bed. However, you will not receive a notification in the App, and Canopy will not support continuous monitoring when you are away from your truck. Please note, if you chose to keep the device on your vehicle after September 1st, 2024, Canopy is not liable for any theft or improper action of the device.


What do I do with my Canopy Device after September 1st, 2024?

There is no requirement to return the device to Canopy! Once you have been officially offboarded, you can dispose of the device. Please consider recycling it at a nearby facility. Here is a list of locations where you can donate or recycle your electronics.


Can I be refunded for the purchase of the Canopy Pickup Cam?

Yes. We understand the inconvenience of purchasing a device which will become inoperative in the near future. Therefore, we are proactively providing a full refund for the total cost you spent on the hardware for all active subscribers. All refunds will be processed no later than September 1st. If you don't see it, kindly contact your bank for assistance.


Can I be refunded for the cost of the monthly subscriptions in which I have already paid?

Sorry, refunds will not be issued for already paid monthly subscriptions as the service was already rendered during that period.


How do I remove the Canopy Device from my truck?

Please find instructions for how to remove the device from your vehicle. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to who can assist you further.


What happens to my account and credit card information after September 1st, 2024?

Your credit card and billing information will be securely deleted along with your Canopy account on September 1st, 2024. After that, Canopy will no longer hold any personal details, payment information, or device data that belongs to you.


How do I download my video data?

Your data belongs to you and you can download your video data at any time before you are officially offboarded on September 1st, 2024. After that, Canopy will delete all your data in accordance with the Canopy Privacy Policy.


I own a Ford Vehicle. Will my Canopy Pickup Cam still work?

After September 1st, 2024, the Canopy App will no longer be accessible. Therefore, the Pickup Cam will become inoperable, even for Ford vehicle owners. The next iteration of Canopy is being planned for Ford vehicles.


I would like to participate in Canopy’s beta testing for the next iteration of the Pickup Cam.

If you are interested in participating in Canopy’s beta testing to help develop the next iteration of the Pickup Cam, please email for more information.

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